What is Home Health Care Exactly?

Home health is a cost-effective service for people getting better from illness or surgery, who have to live with unceasing circumstances and those who are able to stay away from hospital admittance and continue living carefully in their home with the help of medical and personal care support.

Okay… So What is Hospice Care?

Hospice care is a method of assisting incurably ill patients and their families during the final stages of life. This unique type of care pays attention to patient comfort and symptom supervision to enjoy their remaining days as much as possible while being with their loved ones.

How Can a Patient Start Getting Home Health Care Services?

Prior to service starting, the patient’s doctor needs to write down an order that prescribes home care. If you submit yourself or a loved one, make sure to give your physician’s name and number. After the company receives the submission, the insurance company will be contacted personally and decide if the coverage is accessible and whether or not approval is necessary, inform the patient of possible payments, and plan the first visit.

Do Patients Have to be in the Hospital to Qualify?

Nope, hospitalization isn’t a must to obtain home health care.

How To Pay for Home Health Care?

Often time home health care is typically taken care of by Medicare if it’s arranged by a physician. Services may also be covered by health plans and private insurance carriers. After your recommendation for service is seen, the insurance company will be contacted and it will be determined if coverage is accessible and if permission is necessary.

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